Ethos Economy

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Huge Update:
Player Marketplace

Hello everyone!
I am coming to you all today with an update that I am personally very excited about, our new player marketplace. This update adds a whole new area at spawn that is devoted to player trade. This marketplace features 16 large shops which you can rent out to sell your items using chest shops! Hurry on and rent your shop before they are all claimed.

This update is the first of a series of planned updated to increase player to player trading on EthosEconomy and make the economy more player operated. You can expect to see more updates like this one in the near future.

Shops are rented through our new plugin MarketPlace, and you can do /MP in-game to learn about all of the awesome things this plugin can do! Below is a basic overview of how to rent a shop on EthosEconomy.


I hope you all enjoy this update as much as I do and please let me know below if you have any comments, questions, suggestions for the new update!

Thanks, everyone. I'll see you all in-game!​

New Contest World

We are kicking the holiday season into high gear with tons of Holiday events!

So get ready for tons of fun.

Events to come:

Snow Ball Fights
Hide and seek
Building contests
Skin contests
Secret Gift Exchage
Drop parties
Boss events
PVP Events

Events will have dates soon!! Let us know what you are most excited about and toss us any suggestions you might have!


EthosEconomy Vote Contest

Voting daily helps the server get in front of more players and grow our community. In order to encourage you all to vote and make it a little more fun we are introducing a monthly vote competition! To take part in this competition you simply need to vote on every voting site on our list every 24 hours. You can check your stats to see how you're doing on our vote page.

The top 10 players with the most votes at the end of the
month will receive the following rewards:
1st place: Uber Rank ($200 value)
2nd place: Elite Rank ($50 value)
3rd place: Premium ($25 value)
4th place: x10 Uber Keys
5th place: x10 Uber Keys
6th place: x10 Uber Keys
7th place: x10 Uber Keys
8th place: x10 Uber Keys

These are likely to change before this month's vote contest has ended.


Vote Here

Hi everyone!

It’s been so awesome getting to know you guys on the server the last couple weeks. First and foremost I want to thank you guys for all your help with reporting bugs and staying patient during Beta!
Today I am excited to bring you an extensive update that we have been hard at work on. The update includes new features and bug fixes as well as a super cool overhaul to the Gem Drop system. Read through and let us know what you think in the comments below!

The Updates:

▶ 8 new Ethos Ranks

8 new ranks added to the Ethos Rank chain. Along with 8 new ranks, we have revamped the rank up rewards and balanced prices. Due to the dramatic change to the rank system and gem drop system, we have made the hard decision to reset all ranks and balanced on the server. This means when you first rejoin you will be a Wanderer. Inventory, chests, and maps are not being reset. We are very sorry for the inconvenience of the reset and we hope you find the new additions worth your trouble.

▶ GemDrop System Overhaul

Improved GemDrop and professions system. In order to give Professions and Gems more importance on EE, we revamped the drop system so that blocks and mobs now drop nearly 5x as many Gems which are deposited straight to your balance when you pick them up. Stay on the lookout for Emerald Chunks in your loot drops, these rare chunks can be worth thousands and can be deposited at /Bank.
P.s. A huge thank you goes out to Lordcre_ for his countless hours of development work and dedication to this update. If you enjoy this update make sure to thank Lord in game! :)

▶ Black Smith

We wanted to give players a better way to repair items. Introducing, the blacksmith - a simple GUI shop where you can purchase item repairs with XP!

▶ Island World
Island world added! Type /Warp island world to explore our epic new custom terrain world and claim an island as your own!



McMMO added to the server with custom action bar announcements and custom McMMO stats with /mcstats
Welcome to EthosEconomy

We could not be more excited to announce the greatly anticipated relaunch of EthosEconomy! We are bringing Ethos back with some awesome new features that we think you are going to love, all on your favorite survival server. Some of our new features include:
- New rankup perks
- New Professions
- New Crates
- New Custom Enchants system
- Towny improvements
- Monthly Contests
- Custom Stats
- Auction House
- Vote Goal DropPartys
- New Ethos Dust that drops from entities
- Physical emerald currency
- New Custom terrain map
- PvP​

Beta Phase
The team at EthosEconomy has been hard at work revamping and upgrading our classic gamemode first launched in 2015! EE is a unique MC MP experience loved by thousands of players and we couldn’t be more excited about bringing it back. For players interested in getting a first look on our new features and staking their claim on our new map we are offering up Beta access on the EthosEconomy server starting Thursday, October 5th. You can signup for a Beta pass here:

We can't wait to see everyone on the server!

Thanks for reading, Zellio