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    Sep 30, 2017
    Welcome to EthosEconomy

    We could not be more excited to announce the greatly anticipated relaunch of EthosEconomy! We are bringing Ethos back with some awesome new features that we think you are going to love, all on your favorite survival server. Some of our new features include:
    - New rankup perks
    - New Professions
    - New Crates
    - New Custom Enchants system
    - Towny improvements
    - Monthly Contests
    - Custom Stats
    - Auction House
    - Vote Goal DropPartys
    - New Ethos Dust that drops from entities
    - Physical emerald currency
    - New Custom terrain map
    - PvP​

    Beta Phase
    The team at EthosEconomy has been hard at work revamping and upgrading our classic gamemode first launched in 2015! EE is a unique MC MP experience loved by thousands of players and we couldn’t be more excited about bringing it back. For players interested in getting a first look on our new features and staking their claim on our new map we are offering up Beta access on the EthosEconomy server starting Thursday, October 5th. You can signup for a Beta pass here:

    We can't wait to see everyone on the server!

    Thanks for reading, Zellio

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